Chapter 100

Available at:  anywhere in Hazelwood

Benefits:  bond issue which can be used to purchase equipment sales tax free and 50% personal property tax abatement for 10 years

Notes:  company usually buys bonds and city’s tax exempt status is used for tax purposes

Status: each project approved separately

Chapter 353

Available at:  Aviator and Hazelwood Logistics Center

Benefits:  taxes based on land value only, improvements taxed at 0% for 10 years and 50% for next 15 years

Notes:  reduced operating and leasing costs

Status:  in place in both industrial parks

Enhanced Enterprise Zone

Available at:  everywhere but Park 370

Benefits:  50% abatement on improvements to buildings for 10 years

Notes:  abatement on improvements only

Status:  available until 09-11-2028

Local Option Loan Fund

Available at:  anywhere in Hazelwood

Benefits:  gap financing loan which can be used for a variety of needs

Notes:  depends on job creation and wage levels

Status: loan applications must be approved by City Council based on merit